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Myall Lakes - Tips


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Hi All,

I am heading up to Myall Lakes this weekend on a houseboat and was wondering if anyone has fished these waters before? What types of fish should i target and what's the best way of getting them. Lures, bait?? I'd appreciate if anyone can point me to a few decent spots.



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Greetings fellow Raiders,

Instead of starting a new thread, thought I'd add to this one.

Basically, I'm heading up to Ecopoint Myall lakes resort with the family in the coming weekend and was wondering what the fishing is like that way.

Would be appreciated if any raiders can shed some light on the following -

- Whats the fishing like in the Lakes (Bombah Broadwater & Boolambayte Lake)

- IS it better to head over the beach and fish from the beach itself?

- Would we be able to get yabbies or bait fish from the area?

- Any fishing charters available in the area?

- Any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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