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Cliffton Gardens


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Hi all fellow raiders

I am going to hit cg over the next few day and would like some help on what set up to use

to help me have a better chance of catching one of these cg kingies that every body is talking


i have only every caught i kingie and it was only just legal and that was of the south of bb

p/s and that was a fluke :biggrin2:

set up being unweighted , weighted., running , not running , and anything else i might need to know

and does anyone know the gps marks for the onter wedding cake that is still standing or may be other

hot spots for kingies in the harbour

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hey Deepblue,

the wedding cake doesnt need a gps mark, it stands out like a sore thumb off watsons bay - u cant miss it :1prop:

with regards to cg, it all depends on ur gear, if u got heavy gear, then go for the heavy line like Ceph mentioned. If you got light gear, which i personally think will get you more hits, especially on the wharf, then use something like 6lb line with a 10lb trace..

goodluck - n hope u land some kingies mate :biggrin2:

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I agree with Aloosh.. if you fish light, you will get more hits. Watch out for structure though.. we fish heavier as we generally fish the markers and a few reef structures and you need to get them away from the nasties.

I have been using fluorocarbon leader material and it has fantastic invisibility qualities (try saying that 10 times quickly).. you will be surpised at the 20lb leader material. It is very inconspicuous. Good luck mate...

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^ yeah very true, you wont have much of a chance if theres a structure and ur using light gear. But then again, its all fun and games.

as for fluoro carbon leaders, mate i gota agree with you, i bought 10lb sunline which is fluoro carbon, and its in a class of its own.

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