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King And Flattie


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Yeh mate well done 2 top fish there.

Do you have a size and/or weight on the flatty?

Um the flattie was about 3kg

Did you get those in the Port Hacking?

Gunna kick Cronulla RSL's ass on Saturday :thumbup:

Yep i did, ahah i dont know about that!

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Mate any chance you can give us a report on your catch of the flatty?, that's gotta be close to 80cm :1yikes:


Location (optional)

Sp or bait


the fight

the celebrations....

you get the point mate, we like hearing stories on any fish caught especially a nice flatty like that !!!


Yea i dont mind mate, this season has been a really good one for me landing my first Jew, King and snapper on SP aswell as some bumper whiting. Too bad i cant go outside and chase the bigger stuff

Um was caught on sunset

Location, ill keep that one a secret but i got them in port hacking

The bait was nipper, i have found all season that nipper has been the most productive. Outfished live squid when the kings were around :o

Um i fish with a light combo, 1500 symetre on a burkley dropshot with 6lb fireline running through it, its good when i fish this combo, i chase rat kings and bigger ones in the bay. it can be very dangerous at times when i see the end of my spool ahah.

Fight is always a good one, of course the king fought better but it was different to any other king, just stright down and sat there like a dead weight, the flattie run wasnt much to write home about but still one of the highlights

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