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Jewfish Galore At Juno Point


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Came back from Canberra for the weekend and my wife had the boat packed for a camping trip with another Raider family down at the Hawksbury.(So yes, I still miss my own bed!)

We took the rods down , but by the time we found camp, set up the kids, ate dinner, etc.. I was half dead and an opportunity to do any serious fishing was lost. Instead , we took the responsible process for camping and drank beer around a fire.

Following morning we came in and had a yarn to a few mates just pulling into the boatramp after an allnighter at Juno.14 Jew(minimum 600mm) and a lizard pushing 750mm all hooked up in the night!They were there with similar results on the Thursday night aswell.The fish cleaning table was being used rather heavily aswell by other boaties.

Just thought I'd drop the hint before going back down and hopefully completing my last tour of duty in Canberra.(I hate Canberra)

Cheers and good fishing!

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OK Raiders,

I rang dad , and after 4.58 hrs of instructing him on the internet(Including how to turn it on) he read my report and kindly advised me that he isn't 70 odd, but almost 70.

I make a formal apology for my abovementioned mistake and for the sake of inhereting dads fishing gear, I will get on my knees and pray to God, (or pay Big Jims Lawnmowing) to look after his lawns till he rests peacefully in the big ocean in the sky.(that way I might get his Marlin Rod.)

Please be advised that Dad (after viewing the Raiders site) now intends on submitting regular reports about the fishing exploits of "Dad and Mal".............Much like Mel and Kim I would think.

I may be the trusty author of these stories , however they will basically be the rough truth of what might of happened if my Mum sad so!!!!!!!!!!!

So stay tuned.

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