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Finally Caught My Kingy

Beach Fisho

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Hi Raiders,

I post this topic a happy man after finally catching my first Kingy, it's been a long time trying.

Took a week off work and my mate took me out on Tuesday morning to see if we could get on to some fish. Launched @ Roseville, rounded the corner @ Bantry bay and noticed birds feeding near the shore. Thinking they were Tailor i rigged up a samll metal 'Lazer' slicer and got the second cast right on the money.

After two long runs i new this was not a tailor, so i took my time and played the kingy to the boat, i wasn't game to call it until i got some colour. landed the Kingy after a few minutees, i was stoked!! Was a great fight on light gear!

After photo, Kingy was released to swim anther day!

Fished Clifton next, floating prawns and squid strips, my prawn got hit and hooked onto a bigger kingy, took me around the boat and busted me off on the anchor rope, wasn't too dissappointed after catching one earlier.

Went out again on Sunday, hit the water early and headed out near Clarke Island, hooked onto a Kingy first cast, i knew it was allot bigger than the one i landed on Tuesday, but again got busted off under the boat. Charter boat arrived next to us and landed 3 quick Kingys 60, 80 and 93 cm, we were gutted, maybe next time.

I've decided to go up in breaking strain for my leader as i only use use 15lb, next time i hope i don't get busted off.

I hope to post my next one soon before the seasons over.

Cheers BJ


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It was awesome to be with beach fisho for his first kingy. :1clap:

What amazed me was that the kingies were right on the shore line chasing small bait fish. I didn't think that they would be heading so close to shore.

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well done mate! :biggrin2:

my first was on a white bait weightless off newport reef last december

on 4kg gear...a blast on light gear...only measured 59 cm but ill always remember


Now im addicted and fishing 20lb braid with 80lb leader lol

lost too many on the 4kg gear...particularly the quarantine buoy :ranting2:

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