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Well, Its Promising


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We headed to the HAwkesbury for the weekend in our new holiday house on Dangar Island. We decided to start at Little Pittwater, where I thought I had seen some weed. Proceeded to attempt to squid, with no result. Laid out some berley and flickd a few lines and came up trumps with a litte fflathead. Then looked at the burley bucket and hundreds of yakka's are at the back of the boat. Alas, they would not bite :05: ....

LEft out a line and went to sleep. Couple of minutes later, I'm taking a slash at the back of the bite and watch as a small tailor jumps on our handline bait. After a few acrobatics, a tailor was landed.

Then headed to Flint and Steel, to pull up tiddlers :ranting2: . Shortly after we get slammed three times in a row :1yikes: ! Each fish had some serious running and one pinged the 14kg :biggrin2: ! Pretty pleased to see they are out there. Nothing much happened later that day and we were about to go, but then lended our net to a bloke who caught an 8 pound flattie. :mad3: He was pretty close to us too.

Next day was pretty average, but had one fish PInG my 2kg at wobby beach!! A ray was also pulled up....


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