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Good Land Based Fishing Spots


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Hey everyone ! Have been reading the forum for a while & can see that everyone here is heaps helpful , so i was wondering where some really good land based spots are within a couple hours of sydney Im looking for a quite spot with lots of fish :P Rd names would be good .


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the rock breakwalls at the entrance to Botany Bay can produce good fish

opposite the old control tower at the start of Brighton Beach

also the groynes further up the beach

cast into the gutters for flatties and have seen frigates going off as well

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Try the Fishraider search function to look for the following locations:

Stanwell Park

Garie Beach






The Entrance

All are within 2 hours of Sydney and all will produce plenty of fish if fished right. If you look through the reports about these places you will get a good idea of the types of fish on offer and the techniques that will work on them.

Remember that there's no guarantees in fishing. The more research you put into where you're going and what you're trying to catch the better you'll do.

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