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Cooks River Report 6/4/07


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Hi guys

Arrived yeasterday at the cooks river ramp with the 8 foot plastic tub and the 2hp motor, within a matter of mins me and my mate arthur were off.

We started trolling from the sewer bridge to the next bridge near the split in the river with small divers along the rocks, picked up 1 small tailor.

Fished under the bridge for about 20 mins for a small pinkie.

The rain picked up and the wind wasnt helping so decided to move to the bridge near the breakwalls at the enterance of the cooks, driving the boat as fast as we could( about 4 knots) trolling metals out the back picked up 1 small tailor near the ramp, dropped a mullet trap off in the sandy shallows near the old ramp then went and anchored under the bridge.

Saw some of the rock fishos pulling in some MONSTER bream and trevally im talkin around the 50cm mark fish after fish.

2 hours had passed from when we had launched and only 4 fish caught 3 tailor and a pinkie.

Decided to tie off to a pylon and fish from there, burlyed hard from about 10am till about 4pm in the one spot, went through 3kg's of chook pellets and about 2kgs of pillies.

Our excesive burly had attracted various species including leather jackets, yakkas, slimeys, tailor, pinkies, bream, trevally and we even had a school of about a dozen 40-50cm sized frigates that swam past.

From 10am till 4pm we landed

40 Bream, 5 legal from 30-35cm

5 trevally from about 5 cm-18cm

3 small yakkas

5 leatherjackets from 5cm-35cm

3 pinkies 5-10cm

17 tailor from 10-27cm.

1 octopuss

Dropped a few slimeys boat side, we lost count of the ammount of fish landed as we were so wrapped up in catching all these fish.

That isnt including all the fish we had lost either boat side or spat the hook.

I had a weird moment when chasing tailor that had busted up on the surface chasing something i landed a small bream on a metal lure spun across the surface :1yikes: .

I tried all the old boats with sp's and divers for zilch, all the action is around the enterance for the river.

All in all it was a top session. Sorry guys i havnt any picks, i think my mate arthur has a few.

cheers james

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Sorry guys i havn't got any pictures.

I think my mate arthur has pictures, if he does i will put them up.

I am tryin to convince arthur to join fishraider.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Oh and i might add we went through 1.5kg's of hawksbury prawns between us and about 500grams of pillies in bait thats how hot the bite was.

cheers james

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