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Narrabeen Beach


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I was feeling gripped by a bad case of cabin fever yesterday afternoon so grabbed my beach rod and mate cooper and headed down to Mona Vale beach for a session with the pillies. Driving down the rain was so intense that cars were stopped along the side of the road waiting for a break in the weather :1badmood. I slowed to 3km per hour as I just had to keep moving towards my destiny with the beach. Cooper kept sleeping with his head on my lap.

When we got to Mona Vale we discovered not 1 gutter or hole and a semi head wind that made me think about trying anti depressant medication. So we switched to halfway along Narrabeen which didn't look much more fishable but decided to give it a go anyway. First couple of casts yielded zero with just one good thump and pillie gone in an micro second- hallmark tailor thuggery. Third cast and cooper waded in after me and nearly got sucked into the washing machine like water. A lot of unpleasant words and and a homemade grabbing manoeuvre usually reserved for landing jewies and the like and I had my mate back on the beach where he was relegated to keeping the flying satans (sea gulls) away from the remnants of my bait.

Shortly after the wind and the impending monsoon like rain conned me into calling it quits. I caught no fish but did manage to catch cooper on the collar as I was packing up- contolling a flying set of ganged hooks in that wind is an experience in and of itself. My mate jumped around for a moment in fright until the hooks came loose. Even though I caught nothing edible (although cooper would be a delicacy in other parts of the world) I had a great time watching the angry ocean and ink black clouds taunting each other. You cannot put a price on the smell of the salt air and the wind through your hair and nothing but your best mate next to you, a rod in your hand and an ocean full of speculation.


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