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Brisbane Water - 8/4/07


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Put the boat in at 1:30pm to fish the top of the tide around the Rip bridge. Got on to a school of trevs and caught 3 with the biggest going ~1kg before they moved on, despite constant burlying.

Went to the ladders for some yakkas and thought I would check out Lion Is. 1/2 way there and found the wind/waves stronger than expected. Took shelter near the beach on the southern side. No real interest so headed back to Half-tide rocks. Sat on the edge of the deep hole, ~7.5m and put out livies and butterflied yakkas as it started to get dark. One nice tailor ~1.5kg and a couple of yakkas bitten in half. Then a big old-girl flattie, ~4kg / 80-90cm which I returned to have more babies.

Came back inside to the Rip for the top of the tide ~8pm. One more tailor ~1kg and I called it a night.

Home by 9:15pm to find all in bed and 1/2 a bucket of KFC on the bench and a bottle of red open - needless to say I spent the next 2 hours kicking back and watching a movie - does it get any better????? :1wine:

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alrite little session. I was told and hear that big flatties taste terrible.

Does anyone know how big a male flattie can grow?


Contrary to popular belief research is showing that Dusky Flathead do not change sex as they grow. Japanese research suggests that some species of flathead do but sex analysis of commercial catches in NSW show that the smaller fish range can be male or female but large males are rare.

Look here

It appears that not a real lot is known about this favourite tucker species.

I can clearly remember the hundreds of huge decapitated trophies (Heads) nailed to Telegraph poles and Boat shed walls along the waterfronts of Woy Woy when I was a kid. Jewies as well. Not surprising there aren't as many around today.

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top work there mate good little feed of fish

it's good to see other people returning female

flatties to keep breeding me, my dad and pa

have released many females through patty's

channel over the last few years happy to know

we arent the only one's to do so.

neways toop work on the fish shame bout the

weather but you still got a few.

interesting to learn that bout the duskies also

none the less they'll all still go back for me.

regards mark

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Gotta get me a cheap digital camera for the boat. Work pays for my mobile and wont spring for a camera version. She was a lovely sandy colour with dark spots from sitting on the sand at Half-tide rocks.

This was the biggest flattie I have caught in Brisbane Waters and I guess if it was the only fish I had caught I might have considered keeping her for a feed as she as not yet at the HUGE - INEDIBLE catagory yet. Still given the choice I would rather have a feed of other fish and let her go.

This time of the year is great for an avo-evening fish as it is not too hot and crowded to catch fish in the afternoon and then all of the spice as it gets dark with the bonus of fresh bait caught earlier. To fish the same period in the morning means a 4pm start which leaves you buggered for the rest of the day, and its usually with only frozen bait.

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