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Lead Lining


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Does anyone know about lead lining?

I was out at Long Reef this morning and was watching in amasement at how easy these guys do it.

King after king.

Apart from using livies is there any other trick?

What depth etc.

Surely I can use some of what they are doing to catch some kings.

I was using fresh squid on a downrigger and caught nothing. :1badmood:

Does anybody know?



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Lead lining is a heavy set of leads like barrel sinkers all joined on very heavy cord with a trace at one end ,usually 600 Jinkai and the lead weights take the bait down to the desired level whilst watching the sounder.

Most Professional Fisherman use these to target Kings and Snapper with live yellowtail attached.

The lead line is fed over the side and is attached to the boat by a large rubber springer.

Once the line is out it is pulled back and forth giving the live bait a jerking motion to stimulate a bite.

Like skiing with one hand.

Hope that makes sense guys and gals

Cheers Stewy

Thanks mate, I just didn't get the bit after you said "lead lining is" :074:

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