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Me And The Kids At Juno Point (part 3)


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Well, having got over the fun of the wedding cakes on Friday night, The kids and I worked Mum over and she let us loose for a fish Sunday night.Her compliance to our fishing needs was actually a little spooky, but, who was I to argue :1prop:

The team selected for the fishing was Me, #1 daughter(Jess), and #3 Son(Cam). Mum had to stay at home as #2daughter was a little over the rain from Fridays fishing, and I tend to feel that her idea of camping is under 5 stars and not outside!

Well, off we went from Parsley Bay and straight out to the livey grounds.A quick drop with some cat food and bingo, it was livey central.Darkness was almost upon us so next stop(after an arguement with #3son about leaving the liveys) was our famous squid spot. After an hour or so of squidding, the kids realised I didn't have a famous squid spot and I had to fess up and tell them that I had never actually caught a squid before, (after an arguement with #1daughter and #3son) I was made to pull up anchor and head out to Juno for the night.

Soooooooo, let the fishing begin, we had some great fresh bait from the markets, and heaps of liveys so we ran a great spread of bait from outrigger to outrigger!Cameron was first out of the gate with a 26cm bream and Team Bolan was on a high.Then it went dead. I suggested that they go to bed and I would wake them for the High tide at midnight.It was good that they went to bed as I could have a few ales without Jess counting- she always counts them and dobbs on me :wife:

Midnight struck and the action started to strike aswell,I tried to wake Jess but was politely told where to go and a nuclear bomb wouldn't wake Cam! So I fished alone and had a couple of good runs but allas, no hook ups. Then all of a sudden ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!, Actually it was just a tiny weeny Z and I was on! #1 dad pulled in a jew and the bloody kids slept through it. :thumbdown: Not to be called a liar the next morning, I quickly grabbed my prize,raised the camera up and snap, did a self photo shot! Cool. :thumbup: Then let my monster prey go.

post-2682-1176160508_thumb.jpg Cool!

No, I'm sober!

Well, that was it for the night, the following morning the kids flew out of bed and were straight into the tiny taylor whilst I pressed on with a big Jew theme. Watching Cam pull in his billionth taylor, I noticed that this one seemed to be stopped at the bottom of the boat and everytime he lifted his rod, the clutch would slip and the fish wouldn't come up. I had a quick peak and looked over the boat ready to tell Cam that he had hooked the prop when all I could see was this dirty great flathead.I quickly swung into action , grabbed the net and Cam landed his first monster flattie! (57cm and didn't he keep telling us) The ironic thing was that his tiny weeny livie hook had just grabbed the edge of its lip,and i'm sure it had a headache from Cam trying to land it, as it just kept hitting the side of the boat!

So, we all went home on a high (except for me and #1 daughter :ranting2: ) and ate superb flathead and bream that night- thanks to #3Son-Cameron!!!


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Well done Murray .... are you sure you're sober in that shot!!! What a classic catch RE: flathead hitting the side of the boat - glad you had a nice feast - did you do surf'n'turf?

I love the detail in your posts as you can picture everything you say. Congrats on catching a jewie, we'll just have to work on the squid expertise! Good to see the dedication in your kids and I know you always put them first before your own fishing desires - you're a great Dad.

I'm off now with Nick to have a fish - as hubby and #2 son are still feeling a bit off. Sorry our weekend didn't pan out as we planned but I'm so pleased you got some much deserved fishing in.

Until next time.

Cheers Marg

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