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White Caps And Me

aussie big bob

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Well as planed me and white caps joined up for a day on the water in his 640c :1fishing1:

As promised we headed out to the close fad for a bit of dollie :1fishing1:

And yes as I promised I showed him all my knowledge, :Funny-Post: which was not much

As it was he that coached me in the first place.

Any way back to the day, turned up nothing at the fad so off o brown in hope o a yft

This did not turn out as planed but we did come up with a few stripes, :tease:

So once again I would like to thank you white caps for the day out and another first for me a trip to browns

here is another photo



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Great day with Bob on the water. While we did stop at the close FAD some joker had decided to hold on to it, didnt appear that too much was happening anyway so rather than upset my Karma for the day off we went. As we git closer to Browns we had the stripies smashing the lures.

Chris I would have liked to have pulled one those around but I had radio problems and beat a hasty retreat home. Many thanks to "Reel Addiction" for relying a message for me. Out looking at new radios today.

Water temp around Browns 21.4

Lets hope the YFT's are just around the corner.

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