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Harbour Yesterday Morning


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Hi guys

My son and I fish in the harbour yesterday morning around Sow & Pig.

We arrived there just on dawn with the tide near full. Fished for a while with not much happening due to not being able to fish our berly line properly with the boat waggling around in the brreze.

When the tide picked up to run out we started to get a few fish. There were a few Kings in the berly line not many but enough to cause some interest. We tried to get them to take sluggo's but only managed to get them follow not hit.

I floated out a squid strip bait and managed one king that was 67cm.

We started to float peeled praws down the berly and began to get some decent bream and a few trevaly.

Total for the morning 7 trevs, 6 bream and 1 king.

Trolled North head with live yakka's and squid around 11am did not get a touch. There was a lot of junk in the water yesterday rubbish and weed made trolling hard.



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