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Garie Beach

ilk fish

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Greetings fishraiders

Tried for salmon yesterday late afternoon. No results but the scenery was quite good.

The guys at the Northern end on the large rock platform did ok. There were about 7 of them, and

they each got between 2 to 4 salmon.

however they were taking quite a risk as the waves were coming over the platform.

On the beach there seemed to be millions of sand crabs, destroying the baits, so for a while

I tried to free float my ganged pilchards out through the rip, again no takers.

I caught and released on of those crabs, their body was the size of a hand,

I wonder if they would make very good bait for jewfish, (just like red crabs and groper ) ????


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Ilk - I've used sand-crabs as bait for jewies before without any success. Then again I've never had any success for jewies off the beach so that doesn't really mean much.

On the new no no no DVD the 'south coast jewie expert' mentions finding a sand crab in the stomach of a jew he had caught, so from that I would assume that they are effective baits on occasion.

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