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Sydney Harbour - Sun 15th April


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Hi Raiders,

This will be my first attempt at a post hopefully to make everyone laugh along the way and to show case our record fish catch, well (17) ain't much of a record but here goes.

After discussing with Mr Watto on Saturday afternoon about our trip i reassured him that i would be at his home at 3am just like he wanted :)

Sunday: 3:50am - me = still sleeping, watto = severely unimpressed.

After a long attempt to contact the :wife: i finally got her, she'd just finished work and i was on the way to pick her up, quick trip down the m4 landed me at my destination.

We took off for the Kissing Point boat ramp, and on the way we stopped for fuel and the :wife: wanted a potato pie. :biggrin2:

Our plan was to hit long reef but due to the fact i woke up a tad too late we decided to bottom bounce just out past the heads.

By this stage just as we stopped to drop the lines in the :wife: got sick, chucked up a few times, hence sean now nicknaming her chuckie, all is well cause the fishies were loving the potato pie she generously donated :biggrin2:


We had a few snapper we had to let go due to lack of size, and we missed a few cause me and watto were on the phone :biggrin2:



All up we caught a mixed bag, and we had a great day out, except for chuckie of course :biggrin2:


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Well done, not a bad day out hey,I think I heard you guys on the radio at one stage.!

The day I post a pic on the net of :wife: sick on the boat is the day I get my bungs confiscated :074:

You're a brave man :074:



oh i am brave :) if she ever knew about this i would be dead :)

i told her to take tablets but she said "she don't get sea sick"

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Sounds like you had a good day out there fellow.

Well done. :thumbup:

nice report dom, hopefully next time i will make it out with you guys, and chuckie! :074::074: all and all it looks like a nice catch.

Maybe next time you get out with watto we can target the elusive king fish!!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin2:

But all and all it looked like a fun day, sean looks like a cheshire cat in the pic. :thumbup::074::074::074:

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Great report there Dom

You need a woman to catch all the fish there boys.

I bet if I was there, I would of caught most of the fish :icon_peace:

Maybe a kingie or two :074::074::074:

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