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How To Catch A Striped Marlin

Ross Hunter

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Hi Raiders

We have just posted on our web site www.gamefishingcharters.com.au a report on the blue marlin on Sunday. :1welcomeani: ( the photos used of the fish are from the archival files. No one got a decent jump shot and it was very dark at the end of the tussle) also Johnny the "human bollards" first ever marlin caught on the way home from Pt Stephens and also A weekly series....The complete "nuts and bolts" on How to catch Australian ##### So we've dealt with far Blue marlin and striped marlin.

Next week black marlin then yellowfin, dolphin fish ( THERE IS ALREADY A GOOD "HOW TO CATCH ON DOLPHIN FISH" on the site Check out the 25kg gems) then kingfish, cobia , striped tuna , salmon, jewfish and more. Go into "Fishing Reports" and "Fishing Techniques and Hints Sections". Lots of great photos and a few pointers that may help...such as live baiting, teaser fishing, skip baiting and so on I trust that you enjoy after all it's cheaper than buying a magazine and there's less bullshit attached.

We hope you enjoy the read.

Ross and Glenn Hunter

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Ross I've just read your report on striped marlin. Keep it coming.I've learn't more in 3 months than I have in my life having done 4 days at Port Stephens and then last Sunday with the big blue.

RegardsHuman winch.

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To Robeebee.

The man that caught that huge snapper was my fishing partner Johnny Boo Cartlidge. He is one of the best rock fisherman in Sydney, mainly fishing for kings, bonnies etc at yellow rock. In the last 2 years we have got hooked on marlin fishing . He was in the team that got the Grand Slam with Ross At Port Strphens.

A week after we got back back from Port Stephens He went back and camped on Broughtam for two weekends. All I Will say is fish with soft plastics

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Johnny Boo is MAD. Check him out behind John Vassala( in fishing reports on the web site)..whilst he's watching line dissapear at an alarming rate Boo is jumping in the air and doing hi fives for the camera.......A very good and talented angler and like all the Maroubra boys Great fun to fish with .........but MAD :wacko:


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