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Hen And Chicken 21/04/07


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After an excellent feed from the crew down at Wattos

The :wife: (coollagirl) and our little girl went over to

Hen and Chicken this afternoon for a flick and to see

if I can get Coollagirl onto her first fish on plastics

The Fishing gods were against us today as we both had

a couple of good hits and had the whole tail taken so I was guessing Bream

Our little girl was fishing with prawns and getting excited about the prospect of catching fish

but to no avail she kept getting little bites and missing the buggers but neverless she was excited

about getting nibbles,after re rigging Lillians line a couple of times we moved

over to the golf course and started fishing along there for a big fat zip

The weather was great until a little later when it started to blow a little

and the day really felt fishy while we were there but we still had a great time

and a laugh and I got to test out one of my new rods


only 1 pic and Lillian was sitting next to Coollagirl but if you look closely

you can see lillian's rod sticking out to



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unlucky with the fishing mate, but a good day out with the family.

By the way how do you access that side of the bay? do you go thru the golf course or is there a walking track?

May see you there, micksfishn was kind enough to offer a spot on his boat tomorrow, will look out for you and any other 'raider tagging along.


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yeh thats the place i tried last time. We couldnt figure out how to get to the side ur daughter is on. We tried hardbodies and plastics there 2 days ago but didnt work. Ahwellz im glad u had bites. Maybe they were the bloody puffers snipping the tails off lol. :mad3:

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lure spinner that area is down the bottom of HC bay fished that area today with a little success. Just beware of the shopping trolleys waiting to snag you

end of marceau dr where it pretty much meets lyons rd? there is a walkway to the other side or walk through the golf course

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