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Fire Extinguisher


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With most of the inside of the boat covered in moulded plastic, I'm finding it a bit hard to find a good mounting point for the extinguisher where :

1. It is accessible

2. It is strong enough to carry the weight ( Alloy behind plastic not just plastic )

3. Not in the way of normall activities.

In the bow section is no good, the kids would trip over it, or it would be covered by my custom casting plateform.

I'm think about the flat section on top of the gunwale on the port side ( Passenger ),

inside the windscreen.

Only problem with this is that the flat surface there does come in pretty handy at lunch time.

I'd be very interested where others with similar boats have found room.



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Thanks Guys,

I knew that there would be some places I'd not looked at.

Unfortunately the Pedestal is too short, but if I move a couple of

things to the side the long centre underfloor storage compartment will do nicely.


James :thumbup:

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