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Hc Bay 22.4.2007


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Hi guys went for a LB :1fishing1: this morning in HC bay. Armed with a new combo from Watto's decided to chuck some sp's around. Got there at 6:15am to find the tide dead low, not really a good proposition to be LB. Checked out the semi submerged shopping trolleys that would become artificial reefs at the end of the drainage channel before heading up towards the jetties to throw some sp's. Fished for about an hour for nothing :( Decided to head back down towards the artificial reef area and got my first ever fish on sp's :thumbup: was a flattie on a 3" shad i think. Fished around the entrance to the canal for another couple of flatties See pics.

Got slow down there so headed back up towards the jetty again where i said gday to a couple of raiders who were having more success than me. Changed to a 2" minnow grub& Caught another couple just before the jetty before heading back to the canal. 2nd cast in at the canal towards 1 of the trolleys and something monsterd my sp. Put up a bit of a fight got it to the bottom of the ledge to see approx a 50cm flattie, due to no net :1badmood: and 4lb line decided to just cut it and let it go. Around 10ish started packing up to head home when i saw a few decent sized bream swimming up the canal, so as i was walking back to the car threw a few casts in there to be rewarded with an approx 30cm bream. All in all a good few hours spent Lb and this sp thing has me hooked so to speak




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Hey, that's great stuff. Good to hear you got your first on a lure.

Those shopping trollies make great "artifical" reefs. Remember where they are and cast around them at high tide. :thumbup:



thanks yeah around them not into them or over them. Lost a few jigheads cause of them

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Great effort mate, as you said this type of fishing is very addictive.

By the way that was myself ( in the straw hat) and micksfishn who drove past you a couple of time in the tinnie. G'day and welcome Fishraider.

Just a handy hint if you want information on fishing sp and areas like H&C or Iron cove just type them in the search bar on this site and there is info on every aspect of this type of fishing, it will keep you busy for days and if all else fails just ask- that how i learnt. See ya around


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