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Lake Illawarra 22/4/07


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Me and my best mate GriMo (aka Sam) picked up our 11ft tinny yesterday and were dying to have a fish so we got up at 4:15 am :shock: and headed down to flick some plastics and use some bait!!

We got about 1km down the road and the sudden realisation of oh F*#& we forgot the bait was what I thought! So we turned around came back home and Grimo got the bait whilst I turned around!

We were off! We got down there at about 5:15 and were on the water at 5:45 or so!

We rigged up our bait lines with beach worms first ( I was hoping for whiting) but nothing happened so I changed rigs and whacked on some Chicken Gut (aka Fisho). We put out the burley bucket and then we were flicking plastics for a while with no luck and then my bait rod moved I didn't think nothing of it until I looked back at it and realised my bail was open (don't ask I don't know) and line was peeling off so over the bail went and woah wasn't I on to something big!!!

After a minute or so's fight I had landed a 32cm-34cm bream It was another PB for me and me and Grimo were on a high after having caught our first fish in our new boat!

Little more of throwing plastics nothing!

GriMo then caught 2 more bream one was 24cm and one was 26cm. We kept the 26cm one as he was no good! All our bream was caught on fisho.

We kept fishing a few more hours and the only other thing caught was a toad fish!

We went over to the channel and there were hundreds n hundreds of mullet but nothing else!

All up we didn't catch a huge amount of fish but were estatic with a few good bream and the fact we had caught a feed!!


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Great work christening the new boat

and nice fat bream to take home

What were the SP's that you were using


hmm what didn't we use lol...

Squidgy fish, bugs, wrigglers

Gulp minnow grub, powerbait walleye's

We were after flatties with the SP's and I just dont think that there are many about at the moment as they all congregated in the channel and heaps were taken!

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