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G'day all.

I've just returned home after a 2 week stint in Sydney for work. I arrived in Sydney on Easter Sunday & went straight to the mods bash at Stewy & Donnas'. That was a top night & it was great to catch up with everyone with plenty of beers & laughter all round. :thumbup:

Work took up the first week but come the following Saturday it was time to play. First job was to get some squid for a couple of beach sessions. Sat morning saw me & a mate up early to try a few of my old shore based spots. my mate ended up with 4 calamari while I got zip! :(

Party on Sat night & then up early for a flick around the old haunts of H.C bay. Not a bad morning session getting 1 Tailor, 6 good Flatties & 2 nice Bream. Pulled out of a screaming run & the jighead came back bare with 2 good sized Jew scales on it. Grrr :1badmood: Then it was off to see the swans smack the lions. :biggrin2:

Monday I was up again early after the squid by myself. Got few nice calamari so the bait thing was organised. Monday night was beach time with another mate & we ended up with 3 small Jew. I got 2 & my mate dropped another. Beautiful warm night to be on the beach. Shame they were so small.

Tuesday I was on the beach again, this time with Stewy & Dan. I'm sure most of you have read Stewy's report. Fun night, just not many fish. My face plant into the sand to avoid losing my rod was funniest home video stuff. :074:

That was it for my Sydney fishing. I must say that I really enjoyed it & the action, while not spectacular, was not too bad.

So I did the long drive home on Friday & the kids attacked me all day Saturday. Yesterday I got a quick leave pass from the :wife: & headed up to the little creek I got Bass in a couple of weeks ago. Ended up with 2 nice Bass of 35 & 38cm's in consecutive casts on a black "bubble pop 45". Was gone from the house for a total of 50mins so both the :wife: & I were happy!

Sorry for the lack of pics. No camera in Sydney & I didn't take it yesterday as I was in a big rush to leave.

I also had over 10 pages of posts to read on here as I didn't have access to a 'puter in Sydney.

It's great to see so many people posting on the site, :yahoo: Keep it up!



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