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Putty Beach Report

Sea Ranger

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Well here goes my report

4 days of Camping with my horde ,,myself, girlfriend, and our 4 kids 6 to 16. We only had a bit of :1badmood: rain one night and when we were packing up. The campgrounds are nice and close to the beach a very very easy walk for any fisho to get to the beach. Some rocks to the north but I'm not sure exactly where the marine sanctuary starts so I stayed off them. Heaps of Pippies and Beach worms to be had though the worms are tough with the waves being so close together. None the less with minimal beach fishing experience and modest gear I did all right and got us a feed of whiting. I was using an Alvey 10ft rod with an Alvey 600B reel packed with 7 kg line with a 10kg trace. Pippies worked the best for me. The swimming was fun and the water not too cold. Just enough waves that the kids could tumble about without too much worry for the larger ones. Lots of open beach to fly kites. I have a 4 metre kite so I need lots of room. Camp grounds are nice with toilets and drinking water. Gas BBQ's are provided but there is a line to use. No showers so you have to make do. All in all a great time. Bait is available at the servo on Empire drive there may be a closer one but I did see a freezer of bait inside the servo for sure.


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post-588-1177330138_thumb.jpgHere is myself in my hi tech fishing outfit

You can fish from those rocks and even from the next little beach over the headland (Bullima or something it's called). You can walk up over the Timber Steps on the end of Putty. The marine sanctuary starts just past the little beach.

Many fish have been caught from the rocks at the end of Putty and you are relatively safe unless the sea is really treacherous. But always take care and spend some time watching before you go onto the rocks.

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