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Hawkesbury 24/4/2007


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A mate and I went up the Hawkesbury on the 24th even with the terrible weather which was suppose to be showers but more like interupted rain.The day started a little slow in the morn with not much action other than a little reddie and small squid on the drift near flint and steel. We made a move to my little secret flattie ground which resulted in a instant hook up of an under sized flattie.5 minutes later another hook up to a flattie of around 50cm.Unfortunitally due to the poor performance of my mate with a net,the flattie was not landed.A few more undersized flatties were caught.

We made a move to jerusalim bay which we got nothing other than a reasonable blue swimmer.By this stage we made another move to the railway bridge,with a change of tide and the sun piercing through the clouds for a brief moment the fish came on.My mate was catching brean after bream taking home 5 legal and me catching catfish after catfish.Same rigs,bait,location but his fish just got better and better pulling in 2 jewies and me still getting the catfish 6 in total.A few small flatties were also caught and released.

Overall not a bad day out as it still beat working.


Suffo :1fishing1:

Sorry no photos as we left the camera behind.

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