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Live Bait Tanks


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Hey guy's

I'm looking at putting together a home made live bait tank and was wondering if anyone has some good ideas ...I only have a 4.55m Quintrex ,I have been looking at a 50L bait tank but maybe this is too big for my boat..And also mounting the pump, should I keep it away from the sounder sensors ???So if you have any good ideas let us know...Some pics of your set up would be great..

Thanks guy's

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Just purchased a new toy was so cheap couldnt resist $1100 4.5 half cabin 105 evinrude

oldy but goes ok and just needs a fitout

I am looking to do this as well pics of the setup where all hoses and pumps go

also going to have built in kill tank , tackle section baitboard over the top, going to put under

the transom wash thingy in my half cabin

Sorry Mugen for hijacking your thread


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