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Sydney Harbour 28/04


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What else can you do when the kids soccer is rained out due to sodden grounds, but the forecast is for clearing skies and calm seas ??

Go Fishing - of course ... :1fishing1:

Left Roseville ramp at 11:00 and headed over to near Balmoral for bait.

Coming up the river and through the Spit the place seemed deserted, the harbour was like a quiet ghost town. I've seen more boats out mid week in the middle of winter.

Burleyed up some yakkas which were on the VERY small side, and some XOS Hardyheads.

Also got a couple of nice fat but short bream - put them back in for next year.

After about an hour of fun and frustration we had a tank full, ( 4 onboard so needed a few ),

and headed over to the Yellow Bouy inside North Head.

Picked up a good size Trevor, and the crew next to us hooked into a monster cuttlefish ( about 60cm )

Didn't see much else going on and moved on after about an hour.

We got over to the Grotto Point drift and were not disappointed ...

Good solid bites straight away !!

I was drifting a livie behind a snapper lead and pick up a big lizard, whilst the others got into many more that were undersize. - Only managed 2 keepers...

But wait there's more ...

over the first hour we got some small reddies, a couple of very nice yellow fin bream, then we got hit by a short rain shower and all hell broke loose, the next hour was simply amazing ....

Fish were coming over the gunwhales every couple of minutes ... Reddies all about 25 cm, maybe another 15 lizards, then in come the Tailor and Horse Yakkas !!!

I scored a perfect 6 fish from 6 baits in less then 30 minutes before being bitten off.

With light fading we left them biting and headed for the ramp to get in before dark.

Top afternoon out with mates, caught some fish and had a laugh.

It doesn't get much better than that.

I got some spare time over the next couple of weeks so will be hitting the water hard before it freezes over.

The temp yesterday was hovering about 18 C in most areas.

Just hope I can keep them coming ....


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Hi Carpe,

Yeah we were at there on saturday and it was pretty quite.

We went to our spot in Middle Harbour were jews hang out. I got a six kilo one there last week.

We had one run on a nice jew on low tide but my mates gear failed and he lost it.

Went over to quarantine and caught that big cuttlefish on a live yakka. We were in the little white tinnie.

Was that you and yr mates in the big boat we spoke to when we got the cuttle?

Good to see a local out there as i am from Frenchs Forest.

Glad you got into the fish at Grotto Point. It can really fire there sometimes and a jewie is always possible from this spot.

Cheers and see you out there.

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