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Sydney Harbour


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Gidday Raiders,

Launched at Tunks at about 5am. I thought I could smell Netic's breakfast cooking... I think he was at Tunks ramp after his squid session.

We caught a few small arrows near the Spit and then headed out to try for more squid and landed a bruiser. He went 33cm on the mantle only. Head was as big as a tennis ball.

Then tried a few of the markers for not much and finally landed a just illegal King at Quarrantine (he went back to grow another 5mm). Had a live squid smacked and that was it....

Tried for a few blackfish after that but the westerly choppped it up too much.

Great day anyway. Always good to be out on the water. Photo below of my bother Nick with the HUGE Ceph.....


Ceph. A. Lopod.

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I can't believe how fussy the sydenay harbour kings can be. We shouldn't give them the option of trying our hard fought and won squid.

That ceph would have hooked me for sure if I had swam past it.

Gun Squid.

well done on that alone.


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We put it's head and guts in for a Kingy and ate the hood. Many think they are tough at that size but, finely sliced and pan fried for 60 seconds, they are beautiful and tender.

Fight quality wasn't bad either.... the drag was going and the squid was heading for the rocks. Once his head was to the surface, it ws all over.

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He's inked your boat.. they are messy mothers...

We were casting - you guessed it - pink Yo Zuris and the odd orange one. We used Egimax for a few casts.. I still don't really know if it works. We get squid with and without it.

So you caught the Ink Master at the Cakes !! If I was a squid, the last place I would be hanging around is the Wedding Cakes (or Cake as it now seems to be). Does he not know that his arch nemeses hang there also?



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Yeah he inked alright the picture doesn't really show the extent of it, there was squid snot every where :1prop:

I actually wanted it to ink to show my nephew (5yrs old) who caught it what it is like, now he knows and as a bonus I got it for dinner, he didn't want mummy to cook it because he thought that it would taste like ink :074:



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