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Hull : Sea Hunter - Kakadu Karrier 4.3m


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Hey guys,

Keeping my eye out for a potential upgrade.

Have had a look at a boat tonight.

A 4.3 Sea Hunter Kakadu Karrier with a 35hp Johnson.

Not a bad little decked out boat. Has anyone owned one of these hulls before ?

Importantly also, any advise on what to look out for on a 2003 Johnson 35hp ?

Any feedback Johnson motor owners ??

All seemed good, just have a funny gut feel :wacko:

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Hi Soapie, we used to sell the Sea-Hunter range of boats and they were well made and we had no warranty issues with them at all. One of our mechanics in fact has a 4.3M Sea-Hunter Kakadu and he loves it. Rides well, nice and dry and with the 35HP on the back it will perform well. About the 35HP Johnson, I do not think it will be a 2003 model becasue they only had a 2 cylinder 30HP then. Get the model number and I will be able to tell you the age.

If the engine is the 35HP 3 Cylinder Johnson or Evinrude, they are excellent engines and the only problem we have see is that to make sure the fuel system does not have any leaks causing the oil mixing unit to suck air and therefore over oil, which leads to plug fouling and rough running.

Other than that they are great and it is a shame BRP do not make that engine anymore because they are smotth and powerful engine for a 35HP and work well on Kakadu, in fact we sold a Kakadu abotu 3 months ago that had and elctric start/power trim 3 cylinder 35HP Evinrude and that was a top boat.

Hope this helps,


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