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Botany Saturday 06/05


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Its official. The kingies have returned with a vengeance. I guess its a clear depiction of what can happen if we ban Human intervention -


Spent Saturday morning hanging over the gunwhale with a bent stick with rat king after rat king after rat king... you get my drift

Bait was abundant, although surprisingly hard to come by. Yakka rigs weren't very effective and even the humble no 8 hook, split shot and pilchard combo had a tough time with the yellowtail. However every bait sent down was eaten, and eaten within 5-10min

A memorable catch was a 78cm King that hit a 6" Sluggo on bass weight tackle. Mangaged to tango dance it away from the breakwall and in and out of the several boats that were parked in the area

That fish,


So if you get the chance get out there, the bay is firing !!!

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We had the same trouble with yakkas in sydney harbour today.... no takers on bait jigs and only got 4 on some small squid baits but there were hundreds round the boat and would demolish everything without hooks!!!!

nice work on the king that would have been quite a fight on light gear!!!! :biggrin2:

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