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Nepean River

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quick session after work today started fishn 430ish and gave up at 6 flicking poppers here there and everywhere to no avail cpl of big wooshes around the popper but no hook ups started from the weir walked down about half hour and turned around and done the same on the way back ah well (might get a bass for my tank tomorow give it another go)

cheers mick

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I did get three bass off the surface a week ago using Buggie pops, so it is still possible.

But you really had to pick the eyes out of the snags to get a response.

They are definitely slowing down with the onset of winter, bring on summer I say!!!


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If you are after a bass from this area to put in a fish tank be carefull. A lot of the fish have a parrasite called anchor worm which spreads like wild fire.

If you want one, put it in a tank by itself first and talk to an aquarium guy about how to treat it.

I put a small bass in a tank with a large Jungle Perch and nearly lost the perch due to to anchor worm.

It is an external worm that attaches near the fins and gills. It will not kill the fish but create a spot for infection to start and this kills the fish. The only cure for the worm once attached is to pull it off the fish and this is very stressful.

Good Luck


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