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Im Back!


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We missed ya mate!!

Hows ya head???


Alrighty! Better than a few days ago!

Bloody scary though,,,,, a few things that the docs an nurses ran by me ( could have been game over). Just glad to be home now. Ready for bed an its only 5.45pm.

At least its all good now, just gotta rest


Hey Jase thanks for the phone call an offer of assistance, you have no idea how that made me feel

PS just gotta get onto that water, an NEXT kingy is mine! pllllllllllleasse (fingers crossed)

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Hey Claudia

When Im able to drive, should be a day or 2 perhaps, I will come an an visit!!!! Pay day thursday :biggrin2:


D & G

Excellent Dan

see you thursday, heaps of new goodies have just arrived?????????


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