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Beach Fishing Northern Beaches


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I've wanted to go beach fishing now for a while but haven't had the chance to..

I'm going to head out soon.. probably get to Newport beach.. reason being personal..

But I have no idea on what gear I should take ( obviously a beach rod )... but more like line specs..how long the trace should be.. the weight of the sinker? what sort of hooks??? and bait??

If anyone could help out it would be appreciated..

Sry JewieJoe I know you replied but i dont have ne credit to call u with.. :1badmood: lol nw.. thanks neways..


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Guest Reely

20lb to 30lb main line trace of about 40lb and a snapper sinker in size 4 or ball or bean sinker or star sinker, trace of about 1m, with 4/0 hooks on it at least. According to bait. Cast and wait. Should be some jews and sharks around.

All the best


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My wife and I use 9lbmono line with 30lb trace and have never been snapped off not even close to being snapped off

everybody always talks about using 20-30lb main line off the beach but in my personal experience that is way too much over kill

my wife is a very inexperienced fisher i have her rod rigged with 9lb and she had no problems

++with the lighter line you can get better distance and less chance of the fish being spooked by it

besides it takes all the fun out of the fight if you can just skull drag in your fish with 20lb main line

The lighter the better thats my opinion

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