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Steam Powered Outboards On Members Boat!


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Guest rzep

What magical conditions.

I have never seen the Hawksbury so still.

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i love stumpys boat i was checkin it out at the kingy social, do you get out far in that?

What make of hull is it and what size?

cheers james

Yeah, we have done a few long hauls in it and i'm currently organising with Flightmanager my first trip to Browns. That will probably be the furthest east i've been.

She is an old Carribean by Bertrum. It had an inboard 350, but the birth of my last child saw it get "parked" for a while and the donk seized.

I stripped it and started re-building it and now its sort of almost complete, but once the new engines went on, the fishing started and the re-building stopped!

She was a 21 footer , but has grown by another 3 foot(approx) with the pod and donks.

Top Fun

That thing would hoon...

Hehehehe, thats an understatement :biggrin2:

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