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Dad's Revenge

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hit the water 'bout 6.30 am

bit foggy so we took it easy , went along to the first baths and drifted

we were both using 4" Gulp turtleback worms in pumpkinseed with 1/6 th ounce nitro jigheads

was a bit quiet for the first 20 mins

nice drift straight along the beach

then Dad's on , bit of a struggle , fish see's the boat and off again, eventually lands a 59 cm flattie

was slow for me for a while and was wondering if it was 'cause i had a banana

I finally get runs on the board with a small reddie , (one day I'll get one bigger than 29 cm's)

we drift further down and the action hot's up a bit (thank god )

I get a nice flounder (YUM ) , then a 32 cm Whiting which surprisingly took a bit of line

we get down to Doll's Pt and were into the flatties , in close and only 1.3 mtrs of water and loving it

2 cast's in a row and I score 2, 39 cm models

closely followed by Dad scoring 53 and a 55 cm beauty's

I get 2 more at 36 and 37 cm 's but set them free

then a couple more at 39 and 40 and we call it quit's

a beautiful day on the water and a great feed of fish (glad Dad had a good day )

till next time , good luck and good fishing

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sounds like you had a great day !!

don't ya hate it when ya get shown up by your old man though? nearly as bad as getting shown up by your 6 year old!

I wanted Dad to have a great day

we go fishing every fortnight and last time I killed it

that's why I called the thread "Dad's Revenge "

here's last trip


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