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Georges River Sun 20th


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went out for a fish today around 9am.

headed out towards my spot XYZ at the oyster racks in wooloware bay.

first couple of prawns in got decent hits.

got 2 whiting and 3 bream and lost something on the way up :mad3: , looked like a bream but not sure.

Used all my bait up quickly so i was home by 12:00.

the fish were hitting every bait i gave then, getting pretty intense for a river seesion.

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That sounds like a great little session you had there around the leases,its great fun gettin the bream biting in that mood with constant hits and fightin fish on light tackle in the calm conditions.Had a similar session near towra during the week with plenty of fish on the bite,the bream are goin off at the moment just find the right area at the run-in or runout stages of the tide with good fresh bait on light tackle and u will have some great fun. :1fishing1:

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