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Hey everyone

I'm not sure if anyone here can help me or not but i'm after any help i can get my hands on to do with catching red empror and nanagyi in the Hinchinbrook Island region. I'm looking to head out to do some offshore fishing in my holidays at the end of June beginning of July. Any help would be greatly apprechiated as i have been out there once before a few years back and went through a whole tank of petrol looking for somewhere to fish, the only thing to come out of the trip was 2 just legal sweetlip which ended up going back in the water. Some info on how to find some good fishing spots and how to hook onto some fish would be great. I know people are a protective of there best fishing spots (by looking at some of the fish that are pulled out of that region i can see why ), but if you can just give me an idea of where to look. (of course if you are offering some waypoints i wouldn't refuse but any help would be good)


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