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Tunks Park Ramp Extension


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A mate of mine was at Tunks last thursday morning, he tells me that while he was there that work was being done to the ramp.

He didn't get to talk to any one about it, but estimates they had about 150t of gravel on site and that they had already started dumping it at the end of the ramp

It would be great if it is getting extended as I and others I know have been caught out on low tide.

Does any one have any concrete info to offer?



Sorry about the pun :tease:

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Hi Robbie

Mate ive got nothing to offer on what there doing but i was wondering myself what they were doing down there with all that.

There are a heap of bags of gravel down there on the right hand side of the ramp so it is reduced to a single ramp at the moment - lucky it hasnt been busy.


Kiwi Dan

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