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Storm Damage From Last Night


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OK, so now we know, we all must be really bored!

Bring on those BIG fishing reports!

By the way Ross, I feel that this photo was staged and in no way will insurance pick up the expected claim.

We know the SES weren't called as the chair still isn't broken.

Tell your friends to mow the lawn.

The flowers are nice though! :1prop:

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That's a shocker. Have a go at the lean on the planter box in the back of the picture compared to the front one, not just the chair. I think one of the flowers might be damaged as well.It also appears that the deck under that chair almost got completely wet. They must have had nearly 0.5 mm of rain there. It's worth paying the excess and losing the no-claim bonus for something like that.

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Pure boredom , Marg , nothing else !! Fortunately Dr Huett gave the Etec a clean bill of health , and we hit the Hawkesbury today. No fish , but a good day out in the coffee coloured water !


Yeh yeh sure!

Gee I miss the Hawkesbury - glad you got to be out there - how's the chill factor?

Cheers Marg

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