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Carp Bashing


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Hey guys , im not working tomorrow morning so i am going to take my neighbour out for a fish to target some CRAP...oops i mean Carp.. :1prop:

would be willing to meet up if anyone is heading out to Plumpton Park, Lake Werrington or Nepean River...

if not i'll end up at plumpton park.....

also can anyone give me a visual on the hook size i should be using to catch these pests..... the last time i went out i dropped far too many!



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has anyone actually caught anything at plumpton park or is it just speculation?

Yep me for one I have caught a but load of carp from there

there are some stonkers in there bigger than 2 size 11 shoes end on end

it's also where I take my little girl to practise casting



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why do u kill them when they are caught?

Hi Browney,

Cause its the law they are on the feral pests list and you can be fined for letting em go or transporting em live.

Lata Raida.


ok, well here's one for the experts .... what's the best rig for them?

Hi mate,

Other than a light running sinker 30-40 cm trace and a number 8-16 hook this would do.

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