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pro fisher

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Hey guys,

I am currnently interested in buying an outboard motor for my boat. It is an 8ft aluminium boat. I would like to be able to plain with 2 people in the boat, im guessing about a 5hp.

Do you guys have an advice on what would be an appropriate motor? Are any of you guys/ girls selling one?

Thanks for your help


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Hi Tom, a 5HP outboard will struggle to plane the boat with 2 adults aboard. It does allow you not to register the boat, but honestly that is not hard or expensive and a 6/8HP go alot better than any brand single cylinder 5HP, so that is what I would be doing.

The only exception is that for a few years (1996-98) Evinrude/Johnson made a twin cylinder 5HP that was the detuned 6/8HP that really went well compared to other 5HPs and was ALOT smoother than any single cylinder design. See if you can find one of those but they are hard to find and when we get them in they do not stay long.

You may also come across 2 cylinder 4HP Evinrude and Johnson which run smooth, but will not have the performance you need.

Hope this helps,


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