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Anybody Fished Off Yeppoon (qld)?


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In a couple of weeks I'm heading north for a week living with dad on his 40' sailing cat, based at Yeppoon. The locals tell him that the fishing is not great these days but I bet they dont have the pressure we get around Sydney!

Do any Fishraiders have any experience fishing in this area and can pass on any suggested locations or advice?

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Hi Scienceman

I havent fished Yeppon but have fished further north. Just look for the bait! Plenty of longtails and mackeral tunas up there.

this is a great morning option before the wind picks up.

afternoons are great for fishing the beaches. Again just look for the bait. Otherwise look for rocks. Any rocks big or small, fish will be around them.

Take poppers with you!!

Tunas queenies and trevas love em.

Metals, take heaps and if you can put on 10cm of single strand wire on them to save lures. Near everything else eats metal if it wont eat the poppers.

There are plenty of options, baits plastics and near everything else, fish eat them all up there.



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Bait casting nets are legal in Queensland but it takes practice to use them.

I saw a guy using one in Yepoon Harbour and on top of bait he also caught a flattie and a bream.

It is a lot quicker catching live bait this way.

I was there years ago and they were catching salmon and tuna in the harbour.

The guy next to me got spooled on light line in the evening.

The water is a lot warmer up there than it is down here, so even if fishing is bad up there, it will be a lot better than it is down here. The weather should be a lot better as well.

Let us know how you go.



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Thanks for the positive feedbach guys. I'll be based off a 40' catameran so should have easy access to deeper water and schooling baitfish.

It's gotta be better than the conditions we have had to put up with here in Sydney over the past month!!!

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