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Flint & Steel 8/4/07


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heres the story

went out with my cuz on a charter boat we down rigged for kingys in pittwater for zip then went 2 f&s for jewies he hooked suthing with great pulling power called it 2 be a jew or a shark busted off then we put a live squid down TAP TAP BANG!!! rod bucks drag is pulling i grab the rod with some help and started 2 reel it in and got sum line back and drags keeps pulling i push the lever drag up further to incres the hurt on the fish 10mins later its gaffed and into the boat with that pic and into the kooler it goes and we hooked a flattie(87cm) and that was realsed with no problems the spot we where at was a drop off at abou 10m and there was frigates breaking the surface pulled out my dropshot and was lobing 4g gillies metals at them (whitebait look alike) hooked 3 i do have a pic but i cant get it up


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