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Re-snagging Scheme Aims To Boost Native Fish Habitat


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Re-snagging scheme aims to boost native fish habitat

Logs up to 11 metres long will be placed in the River Murray as part of a re-snagging project to increase native fish habitats.

Mick Durant from Greening Australia says 10 piles of large logs will be placed in the river channel about 14 kilometres north of Murray Bridge in South Australia.

Mr Durant says logs have historically been taken out of the river to allow easy navigation for boats and to decrease flooding risks.

But Mr Durant says the practice has led to a loss of native fish habitat.

"It's actually these logs and the wood in the streams that provide a significant amount of habitat, particularly for large fish, but also for smaller fish and right down to the food sources for algae growing on the wood etcetera," he said.

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