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Australian Navigation Charts


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Just wondering if anyone uses Australian Navigation charts to determine deep holes and drop offs when targeting jewies, kings and the like.

I had a look at the Port Jackson chart and i've come across alot of deep parts of the harbour that i never would have known of.

I havnt really looked into it, but does anyone know how to determine GPS coordinates using the projector that is given on the chart?


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I have bben using charts to find grounds for years and still don't own a GPS.

The "compass" you are describing on the chart is called the "rose"

The rose is "true" as opposed to "magnetic" i.e the rose points to "true north" not the north you will find with a hand bearing compass.

In eastern australia the variation (difference between true and magnetic) is East, ie "magnetic" north is less than "true" north. The amount of variation (in degrees) is written near the rose, and will increase each year from when the chart was published.

That all sounds a bit too difficult, though it makes pretty goood sense if you read any yachting book and do a few of the excercises.

The easiest way though to use the chart is just look for transits or marks on the chart (at least 2) thatt intersect. Together with a sounder giving you the depth, you will be surprisingly spot on.


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