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7/7/07 Beach Fish


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Hey guys and gals,

me and my cousin thought we head out for a beach fish last night.

quick stop for a feed at oportas 1st and then straight to the beach.

got there around 6pm and casted out with some servo squid.

20 mins later cousin hooks on to a thumper bream. goes quiet for 30

mins then its my turn to hook on too a bream size 30cm. 15mins later

cousin is at it again on another thumper bream. after that, it went quiet

stayed there for a few more hrs for nuthing. not bad for a night session.


heres a couple of pics of my cousin with 1 of those thumper bream.



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yep it was to be exact whale beach.

Some great new gutters have formed after that storm. They look very fishy too.

That bream you are holding looks to be bigger than 30cm...more your 40cm+ model....Good catch.


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Nice work thats a very nice looking bream in the first photo!

Geeeeez, i havnt hit the beach for aaageees. im really itching for another night sesh for jews..

Might take the day off work and use the whole day to gather bait haha :1prop:



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