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Trailer Inspection


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QUOTE(Dave B @ Jul 8 2007, 11:51 AM) 181302[/snapback]

Can anyone recommend a place to get an inspection in the Gosford area? The old one no longer does them and my car mechanic reckons he's supposed to do them without the boat-fat chance of that happening.


Hi Dave,

I presume you are after an inspection for your boat trailer? anything in particular you are looking for or just a check for rust and general wear and tear etc? I have dealt with in-sinc marine sports on many occasions, they are located on manns road in gosford, just before the caltex petrol station, on the right hand side heading towards narara from west gosford.

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Any place that is licenced to do a pink slip for your car should be able to do one on a trailer... They do them with the boats on the trailer by the way..

When i was in the motor trade we would not do a pink slip on any trailer that was loaded. It had to be empty or we would turn you away. Just makes it easier to check the trailer when its unloaded. However thinking of how open a boat trailer is it shouldnt be too much of an issue to check it while the boat is still loaded

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There's a trailer place at West Gosford..opposite the Caltex and Narara Trailers...tried them?


Thanks for the replies guys,I've just got back from Port Macquarie and checked my emails.Huge seas and winds the whole time but my 12 y.o. son scored his first decent bream off a sheltered beach corner,and my mate who lives there gave us a tour of his best spots so well worthwhile.I think that's TMC Chris but they moved a while ago and I don't think they do regos-likewise I know Mark at Insinc-nice bloke and I'm not just saying so because his shop is one of my lawnmowing jobs.But D'oh if anyone knows he will-I'll go round and ask him.

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