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Bass Point


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Hey everyone i am new here and would like some advice:).

I am only new in getting into this fishing thing and find it very relaxing even if the dam fish arn't biting lol. I have fished coldale off the rocks, catching some nice taylor, but would love to try somewhere different, and i have heard about bass point and would appreciate if anyone could give me and advice on what to use gear wise?

Any help is much appreciated:)

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Chris, welcome to the site.

It depends what sort of fish you are after.

All rock platforms are the same when it comes to gear ie long strong rod so you can cast distances and retrieve fish from around snags, heavy line, floats, balloons, hooks, sinkers, etc - all the usual stuff.

You should also wear safety gear and rock shoes and fish with a friend for safety.

Live bait is helpful, otherwise fresh bait, sp's, and lures.

If you were successful at Coledale, the same gear should work at Bass Point.

Bass Point has a bommie out the front, so if weather permits a long rod will help you cast out towards it. It also has some sheltered coves which you can use smaller gear in.

Hill 60 is near the steel works and close to one of the 5 Islands and it is also a good spot from what I have heard.

If you are more specific in what you are after, one of the regular South Coast fishos might be able to give you some more advice.

Use the "Search" function and type in Bass Point, Hill 60 or the type of fish you are after.



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