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Best Time For Squiding


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G,day raiders just wondering when the best time for squiding is. I know night time is best.

Does moon , weather , tides , ect have any effect,

Are the summer months better or do you get them all year round.

Any info would be much appreciated.



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hey cflife , from what i have seen on the harbour, a rising or high tide highly increases your chances.

i generally have better catch rates on calm days, with clean water. I find that yes you can get them all year round (arrows and southerns) but in winter they become more sparse and the ones you do get will be bigger on average. I think dawn and dusk are the prime times but you will catch them throughout the day if you fish the right area. Overcast days tend to be more productive , and i believe that in the time just before a storm hits is the gun time for them.

Rob :1fishing1:

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