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Gidday Raiders,

Has anyone tried the new Tite-Lok rod holders? The look the goods for bait fishing for Kings. I am trying to make sure that I come home with the same number of rods and reels with which I went out.

Any comments would be welcome on the ability of these to do the job. The manufacturer is saying that they are suitable for Stripers and Salmon. I think Stripers are a fairly tough competitor so it may be strong enough for Kings.

The 5750 series rod holder is designed for quick rod placement and removal with a choice of 30 or 45 degree angle. The Stem-Lok feature prevents the spinning reel from rotating in the holder. This rod holder is ideal for planer board, outrigger and downrigger fishing and will work with open face and level wind fishing reels. It is strong enough for salmon or striper fishing.

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