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Light Jigging Rod


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After only a couple of attempts, I've caught the jigging craze (I'm slow, I know), and I've set myself up with a heavier jigging rod (50lb line), but most of my fishing is from a kayak, so generally I'll be in water up 40m deep. Coz of this, I've been looking about for a light jigging rod - and I need some advice from those expert jiggers out there!

I'm looking for a rod capable of using jigs up to about 120g, but generally around 80g, as mentioned before in depths of around 30 to 40m. I'll be matching up to 4000 size diawa Tierra, using probably 20lb braid. After looking about on the net, I've seen some specialist jigging rods rated at 1-3PE, but they appear hard to get in Oz, and very expensive. What would be the difference between one of these, and say a fast actioned 6'6" graphite rod rated 10-17lb? Are the actions different? Would the spinning rod still be suitable (they are certainly cheaper - looking at a Diawa Saltwater).



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Hi Mate,

I would speak to Tony at Fishfinder Bait and tackle about some of his custom Jig sticks built on some blanks he had rolled exclusively for him. There are 5 models that can be built in both spin and overhead, i have one of the PE3/5 built in spin for my spheros 14000 for jigs up to 250-300gm and 6-7 kg of drag... and another one built in overhead for my Torsa 30 to handle PE6/8 with around 12kg of drag using 300-500gm jigs...

There is another blank that is rolled to suit PE1/2 and jigs under 200gm but works best with anything from 85 to 170 grams. the finished length is around 5'6 and can be optioned however you wish for it to be built.

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Sammy has some sweet sticks from Tony :thumbup:

For off the rack Shimano T-curve 200 or the Rapala

jig sticks could be a place to start looking

But defintely give Tony a call and give him some

details to work from for what will fit your needs


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I would wait 3 weeks for the new Daiwa Monster Mesh to be released, apparently its an awesome rod and you get alot of bang for your buck. I am not sure whether it is suited for your needs though, i have never jigged from kayak - it sounds difficult.

Anyway, some of the boys have used pre-release versions of the moster mesh and reports are all thumbs up. So anyone who is on the market for a jigging rod right now then i would sit tight.

I am sure custom jigging rods like Tony,s are fine aswell, i just prefer to stick with big names as companies who specialise in these types of rods throw massive amounts of R&D dollars into getting the products spot on.



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Blank quality will not vary much at all between Top of the line factory jig rods and a good custom job. Its the componentry and build quality that will stand out on a custom rod. You get the choice of using the very best components instead of what is normally put on factory rolled rods. Some factory rods have very good components but in order to appeal to a wider market they won't use the absolute best available to keep the costs down and this is in the components and workmanship. Certainly custom rods can be built to a budget but if price is of no concern a custom job is worth spoiling yourself.

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